Monday, September 4, 2017

Football, Faith and Fellowship ! ..... YEAR 9

Hello Dear Family in Christ !

Yet once again !,... our Gracious and most merciful Father has blessed this humble Ambassador of Christ with the continued healing necessary to satisfy my ' Craving ', to help unite the Greater Bible Believing Churches of Southern Maine and beyond !   PRAISE GOD !

We feel Very Blessed indeed, to have met last week with Mark Jones of MidCoast FCA, and our Brother in Christ Pastor Dan Moore from Messiah Christian Church   in Wells Maine. And what a Blessed day of Fellowship we had. As a result of our Christ Centered Meeting, Pastor Dan Moore and our humble ParaChurch and Fellowship Team have begun research into a UNITING Inter-Church Fellowship Initiative with the help of the FELLOWSHIP of CHRISTIAN ATHLETES FCA 
We will keep you informed of our Kingdom Work Progress, as State Director Ms. Margaux Poplaski
works diligently with her FCA counterparts to make this Initiative 'Bear Fruit' for the greater good!
This Football Fellowship is NO Fantasy !  But True Christ-Centered Fellowship and FUN 
Please feel free to join us ( And, FCA's MARK JONES ),  this Tuesday, TOMORROW!, at this years Host Church, ( Church on the River ,  Advent Christian Church of South Eliot ). Our Draft begins between 6 and 6:30 PM, and will be opened with Prayer and a short FCA Ministry presentation.
Let's show FCA's Mark Jones what ' Football Prowess ' we've developed over the past 8 years of our humble Fantasy Football ministry !............ YES FRIENDS, we are blessed to say that this is the 9th consecutive year. Again, we PRAISE GOD for this Inter-Church Fellowship. Please call or email if we can answer any questions for you. We hope to see you there with our Brothers from ADVENT CHRISTIAN CHURCH, FIRST CHRISTIAN CHURCH (home of our new Co-Commish, 11 yr. old
Andrew Ryan, NEXT LEVEL CHURCH (reigning Champ, thru Mr. Mark Cable, FIRST PARISH CHURCH of YORK, and of course our newest ministry partners, FELLOWSHIP of CHRISTIAN ATHLETES.  NOW!  is the Season, Recreational Outreach to our Christian Children and Adults is an impactful road to Christian Unity !....... We Were Born for Such a Time as This !

Please Google directions for the Church address of 256 Pleasant Street in Eliot ( Just alongside God's beautiful and majestic Piscataqua River.)  And, feel free to call or email. Bless You All ! In Prayer YOU may choose to join us.

Fellowship of Christian Athletes

Thursday, July 27, 2017

Fellowship of Christian Athlete's,.... a 'Blessing' of an Invite !

Happy Thursday Dear Family in Christ !

Many of you may have already received information regarding our newest Fellowship Initiative with the outstanding Ministry of The Fellowship of Christian Athletes. Whereas the 'Field Trip' date is virtually around the corner, we thought it appropriate to re-post the pertinent information and leave it posted until the associated 'Blessing Date' of August 4th.
We Pray you may be able to join us for this RARE and Specially Organized Invitation. The information with details may be found below, and please feel free to use the FCA functional
Camp links provided by FCA. We hope to have a headcount early next week, that we may extend
the # to FCA in preparation of the associated Dinner Invitation, ... Thanx Margaux, Thanx Dan !

Once we have final numbers, we plan to organize a car-pool

My Dearest Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

Some of you may or may not be aware that we've sparked a ' Kingdom Work Fellowship Opportunity ' with the very fine Ministry Initiatives through The Fellowship of Christian Athletes.
Although the synergistic idea came up a bit late, we're " Blessed " to have been invited to join The FELLOWSHIP of CHRISTIAN ATHLETES on Friday August 4th to spend time experiencing the NorthEast FCA Student Leadership Camp.

Ms. Margaux Poplaski ( FCA Maine Director ), and Mr. Dan Barnes (FCA MASS. Director ) have made special arrangements to present the FCA Camp and Greater Mission Initiatives for a team of Southern Maine Pastors, Leaders, Student Athletes/Parents within our fellowship network.  ( What a Great Opportunity to learn more about preparing our Student Athletes for Life in Christ at their schools and Campus'.)

Although a bit last minute,...... Fri. August 4th, we are forming a group of Church Leaders and Athletes to experience this very important Mission work first hand. PLEASE, scroll below to our FCA Invite, which outlines the FCA Teams most generous offer. If you would like to attend, please share this information with your Church members this Sunday,
( or prior ) and reply to this email by the beginning of next week to reserve a 'limited space' invitation as we will need a Dinner count. Or, please feel free to contact me directly at 207-363-1775.

It is our devout Prayer that your Church may desire to send a representative(s) along for this exciting day. With each passing day it becomes very clear that our Christian Student Athletes will face difficult times ahead. Learn how to equip your Student Athletes to be the strong Ambassadors of Christ you have always hoped they may be.
Please call 207-363-1775 with any questions, or feel free to email me back.
FCA has provided appropriate Camp links etc. on the below invitation. We Thank You for your considerations, wish you every of God's blessings, and hope to hear from you soon regarding the reservation of space for this wonderful Inter-Church opportunity to " Work As A TEAM " with you for our Student Athletes !
PS- There is additional FCA information posted to our blog, which may be accessed via the BLUE link at page bottom.

Heartfelt Blessings!

William (Bill) Bayliss
Ministry Pastor,N.A.E./ NACM
Step With Christ Ministries

please visit our blog at Step With Christ Ministries  
With Warm Blessings in His Holy Name!

-----Original Message-----
From: Margaux Poplaski <>
To: Bill Bayliss <>
Sent: Tue, Jul 25, 2017 8:50 pm
Subject: RE: Thanx Margaux !

Hi Bill,

Great connecting on the phone today! Here is the link for our leadership camp August 2-5 at the Kents Hill School.
As I mentioned, we would love to have you join us on Friday, August 4th if that works for you.Friday’s afternoon schedule:
3:00pm Competition
4:00pm Breakout Panel (Male/Female)
6:00pm Dinner
7:00pm Evening Chapel
Let me know your thoughts about numbers and the timeframe that works for folks and we will do our absolute best to accommodate and adjust based on your needs.
Looking forward to meeting you in person!

Margaux Poplaski
Maine State Director
Fellowship of Christian Athletes
PO Box 808
Augusta, ME 04332

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Happy Monday Brethren !

Hello Friends,

What an absolutely beautiful day the Lord has afforded us here on the Southern Maine SeaShore!

Just a very quick note. Many of you may have received news about the upcoming FELLOWSHIP of CHRISTIAN ATHLETES Leadership Camp visit.
I will be posting new info. on this endeavor by this evening, as I have an out of town meeting this morning.
For now, I must ask you to scroll down 3 posts to locate FCA Camp info. Again, it will be updated this evening. Please feel free to email any questions.
Many of you have been Praying for our Sister in Christ, SUSIE HARPER as she's completed her Chemotherapy sessions. Susie completed these sessions like the trooper she is very grateful for all of your prayers. Today Susie goes in for a PET scan to evaluate newly found questionable image spots.
May I humbly ask you to continue your Prayers for Susie. That she be cleansed of this disease invader by the righteous blood of Christ Jesus. We,ve been desperately awaiting time to complete
more Kingdom Work with dear Susie, as she has also. WE Pray our Father provide healing and recovery to Susie that she might be physically able to serve Him as she So heartfully desires to do.
In Jesus' Name!
We will see Susie today, and update you later this week

Friday, July 21, 2017

Pulpit Policy !

Blessings Dear Family in Christ Jesus !

Those of you whom know me on a very personal basis, understand that I try as hard as possible NOT to inter-mingle Pulpit duties with my personal health challenges, OR as a Social Justice platform which to this humble minister adds to the 'fine line of God-Centered ministry and messages.'
That said, and with the fact that ' Ministers are regular people too ', this remains a very confusing topic for me, as there are instances where I ask myself ' What Would Jesus Do ? ' ,..(thanx billy!)

During this time of  personal introspection, it appears a God sent message to this very topic arrived at my door in the form of my next issue of Billy Graham's DECISION magazine. Many questions to this regard were answered, some were not. Being a 'Maturing Christian', as we all are, I've chosen to at the very least post this HealthCare Advocacy message that is certainly important to my own health challenges, but more importantly important to thousands of others as our nation's HealthCare system
continues to crumble around political argument. I pray I've not crossed the line to this regard, but I firmly believe that as convicted Christians we need to at least point things out to one another, that the information may be a 'Blessing' to You or a Loved One. If you deem it appropriate, please feel free to pass this along. As I'm sure you are aware, the Doom and Gloom appearance of this issue appears to have a dark outlook. Please remember, this 'darkness' cannot overtake the issue IF we add the LIGHT
of Jesus Christ. Please take note that we DO NOT have plans to turn into any sort of Social Justice Ministry,....... LORD FORBID!  But, as I see it, if we as a Nation end up denying healthcare to patients with pre-existing afflictions, many of us will be denied the ability to serve HIM as we
feel SO convicted to do.
Bless You All
Dear William,

As part of our “Days of Action to Protect Your Healthcare Coverage” campaign, we want to be sure that you are up-to-date on the latest news in Washington D.C.

Right now, Majority Leader McConnell and Senate leadership are planning to move forward with a vote to repeal, and possibly replace, the Affordable Care Act (ACA) next week; possibly as early as Tuesday. There appear to be two options they are considering: either Senators will coalesce around a replacement package similar to the Better Care Reconciliation Act (BCRA), or they will try to repeal the ACA without any accompanying replacement.  

Here's why both of these options are incredibly problematic for individuals with rare diseases, and would result in patients on Medicaid or private insurance to lose access to care:

If the Senate is able to move forward with a version of the BCRA, individuals with rare diseases could lose access to life-saving Medicaid, and the orphan drugs, specialty hospitals, physician specialists, and programs to provide specialized care at home that it covers. In addition, the bill could then allow states to waive the Federal Essential Health Benefits (EHBs), and allow insurers to offer non-ACA-compliant health plans. Both of these provisions would undermine critical protections for patients with pre-existing conditions.

The second option under consideration, repealing the ACA without replacing it, would be just as damaging, maybe worse. The Congressional Budget Office (CBO) tells us that 32 million people would lose insurance under this plan, and individuals with rare diseases and their families that purchase insurance on the marketplaces, or obtain coverage through Medicaid expansion, would rapidly lose their coverage.

Both of these options are unacceptable, and we need you to 
remind your Senators what’s at stake. 

Cutting Medicaid by $800 billion, rolling back pre-existing condition protections, and repealing without replacing would all harm rare disease patients.

Please take a moment to call (click here) or email (click here) your Senators. It only takes a moment, but it makes such a huge difference, especially for all the rare disease patients who far too often fall through the cracks or get lost in the shuffle.
Thank you for your continued support. Together we are strong.


Paul Melmeyer
Director of Federal Policy
National Organization for Rare Disorders

Friday, July 14, 2017

Prophetic Times, Before Our Eyes!

Happy Friday Brethren !

Being the beginning of another God-Centered weekend, we thought this piece of REAL NEWS

would be worth ' Discernment ' to both our Christian AND Messianic Jewish believers and Family.

With Franklin Graham's recent Prayer Initiative in mind, which was centered around the 2nd Chronicles,

7:14 words of God, our 'God Chosen' government leaders seem to have heeded God's call to

" Restore God Centered Men ", to the White House. Our Christian Liberties are actually 'in process' of being restored, and we very firmly believe that we are upon a Spiritual Awakening not seen since the days of Martin Luther. PRAISE God, Praise Elohim !

Enjoy this piece of ' Real News ' which will likely not be shared via Main Stream sources.

God is hard at work on our behalf. Where do WE stand?,... What DECISIONS will WE make toward His Blessing of Answered Prayer ?

We Pray you might discern this thought and see fit to aid God's Church as well all usher in this pending REVIVAL in CHRIST !

Blessings to All, and be sure to check out our last post which highlights the International Fellowship of Christian Athletes " Maine Summer Leadership Camp ". There is still time to register your student athletes for this initiative which will prepare Student Athletes to be the Christian Beacons of Light that they might be, on their school campus'.

God Bless You All !,............ and have a GREAT WEEKEND

Thursday, July 13, 2017

Back in the Saddle !

Sholom Dear Family in the Holy name of Yeshua/Jesus,

It is SO fulfilling to be 'Back in the Saddle', so to speak after an unexpected surgery complication and extended recovery time. Yet AGAIN, the limitless Grace of God has carried me through, and has again deepened my Faith in our Creator!
SO ! , ..... YES, as the song goes:....... " Our God is an Awesome God ! " lala, la la lalalala .
( if you've heard me lead a sermon, you know the gift of Song is not a Holy Spirit Gift of mine! )

With apology for the Very Late notice (due again to setback), we wanted to share this very needed and God-Centered Fellowship of Christian Athletes Summer Camp Initiative. As we firm up a cohesive partnership with FCA, we will be sure to share FCA initiatives in a much more timely basis.
So, please enjoy and peruse this FCA initiative in hope a 'last minute' camper may be able to participate, and to enlighten you as to what would be available to your Children of God next Summer,
and in between.
May our Lord and Creator continue to enlighten your paths, and Bless You with The Strength of Jesus
in this most Paramount time for Christianity.


This Leadership Camp is THE camp that will equip your student-athlete to rise up and become the peer influence for Christ that you have been praying for him or her to be at school and among their peers.

Read More
We Are #FCAOne

I had the pleasure and honor of serving as a volunteer staff member at the Kutztown Multi-Sport Camp in at Kutztown University this year.  I also had the pleasure of bringing my oldest son, Jacob, for his second time and my youngest son, Tommy, for his first time.  Read a brief synopsis of our experience and how people can to prepare for FCA camp each year. 
Join Our NEW  
Monthly Prayer Call
2 Ch 7:14 if My people who are called by My name will humble themselves, and pray and seek My face, and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin and heal their land.

The full glory of God will only be revealed when His people are praying specifically.  Will you please join the front lines of this ministry on the third Tuesday of every month @ 6:30 pm?

Together, we will watch the Lord move mightily in Central and Western Massachusetts as we pray specifically for schools, coaches, athletes, Huddles, leaders, teachers, staff and families month to month.

Starting Tuesday July 18th at 6:30 pm.

Dial-in = 218-339-7817  
Access Code = 5543856 
I need to reach $5,000 per month in monthly support as soon as possible.  Right now, I am at $2690 per month.  $50, $75, $100 per month will ensure the ministry of FCA is here to stay for many years to come.
Donate Now
Friends of FCA at the Top of Their Game

FCA has had many congratulatory wishes to hand out lately! Several friends of the ministry recently celebrated huge wins on the national sports stage, and used the honor to bring glory to God, as Stephen Curry and the Golden State Warriors won the NBA Championships, Matt Cullen and the Pittsburgh Penguins brought the Stanley Cup back to the Steel City, and Patty Gasso and the Oklahoma Sooners went on an incredible run to take the Women's College World Series title. Congrats to these amazing, godly athletes and their teams!
"I've always been a believer that the Lord has put whatever talent in you, whatever gift He has put in you, He wants you to get the most out of that. He wants you to succeed; He wants you to pursue and work and be passionate about it. It's not about getting any of the glory for yourself; it's all for His [glory]."

- Stephen Curry, Golden State Warriors

What impact do coaches have in an athlete's life? Three coaches involved in the 2017 Men's College World Series-Mike Martin (Florida State), Dan McDonnell (Louisville) and Jim Schlossnagle (Texas Christian University)-have discussed this topic with FCA Magazine, and "The Wake Up Call Morning Show" (YES-FM), a Christian radio program with listeners in Ohio and Michigan, recently interviewed FCA Magazine Editor Clay Meyer. Click here to listen. 

The heart and soul in sports®
Donate Now

Monday, June 5, 2017

Engaging Your Christian Family!

Shalom Dear Brethren,

This was not my initial intention for a post today,...........................................................BUT !
As we all know, God's most Divine Plan includes Blessings and Guidance which often times doesn't match our own days as we have perhaps planned out. This is the case with today's post.

Reflecting back on our ' Caravan for Christ ' Inter-Church initiative with our partners at B.G.E.A., you may recognize the name of one of our Billy Graham 'DECISION AMERICA TOUR' representatives ............ " Steve Doyle ". Steve is a devout and humble servant of Christ active with many many God-Centered missionary works such as a Billy Graham partner, Church Planter and much more!  PRAISE GOD for his work as a vessel of Christ, which we ALL can be.

Through Steve's Home Church, all are invited to attend a Worship Concert by the Nationally Renowned evangelistic Up and Coming Christian Worship band of ' UNSPOKEN ' !
As a worship music listener with what I consider a diverse ear, I must say that,......well,.......
 " This Band is Hot, Hot, Hot ! "
Unspoken's diverse style, their Chicago style Horn section, and Christ-Centered lyrics, to me at least, brought together a modern sort of Pop with a laid back 'Old School Respect' to scripture that is appealing to Christian Music listeners across the wide spectrum of Christian 'Sound Hounds'!
SO,...... Here is the pertinent information as well as a link to the band's website for your consideration. Please feel free to 'Edify a friend', by passing this along. We Pray we may see you there !
May Adonai, our God and Creator, Bless You and Yours in Every Way, and may the Joy of Jesus fill your hearts.
Link to the band's website here.......................... UNSPOKEN  

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