Monday, February 20, 2017

Maine Blessings to Arkansas and Cross Church !

Blessings Friends,

And, Maine based ' Blessings ' are headed to Arkansas !  Please join us as we pray for our Maine based Brother in Christ,  Reverend Dr. Aaron Werner from Cross Church right here in Portland Maine.
Dr. Werner (Aaron), and others will address Cross Church and many additional brothers in Christ from Arkansas and beyond at this outstanding Men's Leadership Conference, where shared Edification in Christ and Christ like leadership will be highlighted and pronounced in his Holy Name!
God Bless You, Reverend Werner !
Hi Bill.  At Logan...flying out to speak at this conference ...image1.JPG

Thursday, February 16, 2017

Fervent Fellowship ' Prayer Request ' ! ......and

My Dear Family in Christ,

It is with a heavy, yet Faithful heart that we ask your most 'Fervent' Prayers for 'Jonathan' , a partner
in Christ with our Friends in Fellowship at NEXT LEVEL CHURCH . Our Brother in Christ suffered
a stroke while shoveling during the recent Snowfall. By the Grace of the Almighty, a neighbor came across our brother, having just fallen with affliction.
As I (pray) for Ministry and Church comprehension of ' The Power of Prayer ', as I do for God's entire ' Greater Church '. We very humbly request your Fervent and Heartfelt Prayer for Jonathan's
recovery, and for The Peace of Christ to fill the hearts of Jonathan's dear family during this very difficult season of their lives.
"Dear Father,  we ask that You let Mercy, Peace, and Love be multiplied to Jonathan's
dear family"  ....... (adapted,Jude 2)

" We ask you, Let Peace come to Jonathan, his Household, and all they have.
...( adapted, 1 Sam. 25.6 )

" Please bring health and healing to Jonathan and family, O Lord, and reveal to them the abundance of your Peace and Truth."  ... (adapted, Jer. 33:6)

" I declare, o Lord, that You are my life and the length of my days. I Love You,
I choose to obey You. I cling to You."  ...( Duet 30:20 )
PLEASE!, Join us in Holy Spirit driven Prayer for Jonathan's recovery, for his dear Family to have the ' Strength of the Son ', and for the congregation of Next Level Church
whom so very dearly love Jonathan and Family.
WE TOO ARE WITH YOU, Dear Jonathan !
With Holy Spirit Blessings! 
We thank our Brother in Christ, Mark Cable for alerting us to this need for Prayer.
Please feel free to leave any Prayer Requests in the comment section of the blog, or simply email us at the address listed on our Home Page.

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Hence, our Partnership with B.G.E.A.
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With tidings of every Godly blessing!

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“The people who walk in darkness will see a great light.” 
–Isaiah 9:2, NASB
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Thursday, February 9, 2017

Standing FIRM, In His Love !

Blessings Family,

PERSECUTION !   How many of us 'truly' know what it means to be persecuted for your Faith
                                 In the Good News of Jesus Christ. How many of us 'truly' know the VERY
                                 Deep sacrifice required my so many of  God's children?

How many of us are CONVICTED, that by standing 'firmly' in the Love of Christ,
we can rest assured that He IS our sufficiency ?

Our humble ministry supports The Voices of Martyrs ministry, which I encourage you to peruse at your convenience through this following Link.....  Voices of Martyrs
Meanwhile, enjoy your visit to their humble site where you can find how grave this world's
Persecution for Faith actually is!

view as web page
Receive a free “Imprisoned with Them” prayer band when you share this opportunity with your Christian friends and family members.

“Remember those who are in prison, as though in prison with them, and those who are mistreated, since you also are in the body.”

Hebrews 13:3 instructs us to remember those imprisoned for their faith. And now you can help spread the word about imprisoned Christians with the new “Imprisoned with Them” prayer band. We invite you to request a free band for yourself after you forward this offer to Christian friends and family members who will join you in prayer for prisoners like those pictured above.

Request Your Free Band
Prayer Bands
We have highlighted 15 Christians currently in prison that need our prayers. Along with your free prayer band, you will also be able to order more to share with others. All proceeds from the sale of Imprisoned with Them prayer bands will be used to help Families of Martyrs.

Order your free band
please remember to forward this email to your Christian friends and family.

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

One for Israel

Shalom Family, and Amen to that !

Although " A DAY LATE, and a DOLLAR SHORT ' ,..... sorry! , Here is the second of  Two promised ' Shared Testimony ' videos from our informative brothers and sisters in Yeshua,Jesus

at 'One for Israel'. With heartfelt prayer this will touch your heart with the wisdom necessary to 

Grow the Remnant

needed for the return of our Messiah and His  fulfillment of scripturally foretold and God Promised manifestations, orchestrated by the Hand of God, at the pleasure of and by the Grace of

Our Loving Fathers Divine Plan. Of which He has known the end from the beginning.


NOTE-  For more Great Testimonies, please Google more on ' One for Israel '. Bless You !

Saturday, February 4, 2017

That's ' OUR ' Messiah !

Shalom Brothers and Sisters !

WoW !  Truly, what a Beautiful Sun Filled Saturday our Lord has given us. Let's rejoice!, via a quick SHARING of witnessing the loving and versatile ways HE works within His kingdom.

As you are well aware, Maine's Messianic believing Synagogue ( KEHILA HOUSE ), and specifically Rabbi Stephen Luft has impressed a strong and ' clearer ' understanding of the 
Book of Romans as it pertains to the Gentile role in God's Divine Plan to " Grow the Remnant ".

( We are currently in Prayer and Planning mode with many partners regarding  a potentially significant Kingdom Outreach event with Rabbi Stephen, that we fervently pray will affect positive growth of ' the remnant ',
and in effort of paving the way for the return of Yeshua/ Christ,Jesus ! )

Having now perhaps 'baited' you into curiosity, I will leave you to God's patience while we continue appropriate planning and prayer.

Meanwhile, allow me to share, a ' Witnessing ' of God's Divine Plan which appears to entail measures causative of a clearer view through FishScales falling from the eyes of many of His very 'loved' children.

Our endeared Sister in Christ ( Marilyn ) indeed ' Edified ' me in Christ when she succinctly termed the ' Co- Incidence ' labeled events of a sermon as GOD-INCIDENCES !. And we Thank You profusely dear Marilyn.  We have indeed found that sharing our God-Incidences is a convincing way of  ' Sharing the Good News ' to what is often a pool of lost sheep in dire need
changing their ' doubtful thomas ' perception of our Triune God.

In closing, please enjoy the following short video ( which will be followed by a must - see connection video I will post tomorrow !...... )

For now, we pray that our humble attempt to share the Truth of God the Father, will in any small way enrich your personal journey in The Lord. Enjoy the video, and Please check back tomorrow for it's successor video which will surely add even more of Christ's Light , .. to the darkness of this world, and to show what we need is indeed TRUTH. The Truth of God, The Truth of Yeshua/Jesus,
and Truth of the Great Gift of His Indwelling Holy Spirit !

ON a SIDE NOTE :   Feel very free to join me tomorrow Feb. 5th at 10 AM,  at FIRST CHRISTIAN CHURCH of KITTERY POINT, MAINE ( 542 Haley Rd ), as I've been 'honored and blessed' with the invitation to deliver Sunday's Service. The God inspired message of the day will be " HANDING DOWN  OUR CHRISTIAN FAITH ! "

May God Bless You Heartily, ......................... enjoy the video!

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

An Installation of Inspiration ! ,' please join us'

( Deacon Emeritus, Mr. Malcolm Foss, and Pastor Emeritus Reverend Dr. Wilbert D. Gough )

All are welcome to join in the Celebration of 150+ Years of Wisdom and Service
To First Christian Church, and God's Greater Church !

We would like to both Announce and Invite any and all interested individuals to Join us Sunday January 29th at 10 AM, as we enter a new chapter of our Church's long and historical blessing here on the beautiful Southern Maine Seacoast.
Please Join Us
As we Celebrate with
542 Haley Rd. Kittery Point, ME 03905

Please join us as we formally Install the well known and inspirational Reverend Dr. Wilbert D. Gough as our newly appointed ' PASTOR EMERITUS ' immediately following what thousands have come to consider 'one of his Treasure Trove of sermons.' ( many of the lives touched by pastor G., consider his Sermons worthy of their ' Bucket List ' as it may pertain to their walks with Christ ) ( Additionally, our Ministries favorite TENOR, and admirer of Pastor Gough will bless us with his Holy Spirit gift of Song within this day and sermon of Praise of Servants and Master ).
At the young age of 98 years, Rev. Gough has been an invaluable Teacher and Mentor to thousands of Christian followers, as well as Church Leaders who have sought formal Ministry training such as myself and many more!
Pastor Gough is a published author, having written the most excellent book entitled " Life Isn't Fair- But God Is ". The book is a wonderful compilation of select sermons drawn from Pastor's 70 years in the Pulpit.
Pastor has a Dual Doctorate from Eastern Baptist Seminary, as well as graduate degrees from Temple University School of Theology, and Burton Theological Seminary.
In addition to many high level Christian Leadership Conferences with the likes of Billy Graham, Zola Levitt and many others, He has served as Pastor at the following area churches:  FIRST CHRISTIAN CHURCH of KITTERY POINT,  FIRST BAPTIST CHURCH of HAMPTON, FIRST BAPTIST CHURCH of Kittery,  FIRST BAPTIST CHURCH of BRENTWOOD,  TRINITY UNITED CHURCH of SEABROOK,
and YORK STREET BAPTIST CHURCH. Pastor Gough also blesses STEP WITH CHRIST MINISTRIES (an inter-church fellowship ministry) within a scriptural advisory role.
Dr. Gough has also been what we consider a Godly Ambassador to the Patriarchal role of 'Handing down the Faith'. ........ Pastor's son Donald followed in Dad's footsteps and also attended Eastern Baptist Seminary, where he faithfully served on it's Board of Directors for 25 years, ( 10 years as it's Chairman ), and, Pastor's Daughter Diane Fowler and Daughter In-Law Susan Gough are ALSO
seminary graduates ! ,........ ( feel free to attend my topic related guest sermon at First Christian Church next Sunday, Feb. 5th at 10 AM, where the message will be centered on ' Handing Down Our Faith with Family Fervor ' )

Additionally, First Christian Church will also honor long time member MR. MALCOLM E. FOSS, as we Install him as  DEACON EMERITUS.  Malcolm, a highly decorated World War II Veteran, ( currently actively serving FCC at the young age of 99 years, Malcolm has served the Church since moving to Kittery at age 12 !,....Yes,..... 87 Years of Service.) Mr. Malcolm Foss married long time F.C.C. member Ms. Marjorie Lewis at F.C.C. in 1945, and has served the Church in virtually every leadership role, inclusive of Sr. Deacon, Sr. Trustee, and when needed,.............. ' anything in the 'small' print '. Mr. Foss has been a personal inspiration to my own desire to serve, and has imparted his Godly wisdom to several of our Churches generational leaders and Christ Centered FAMILIES. ( A True Patriarch ! )
So, in closing, please feel free to join us as we celebrate over 150 Years of Service and Wisdom, Sunday, January,29th at 10 A.M.  for Sunday Services led by Pastor Gough.
Immediately following service, feel free to join us for Coffee, Cookies, and Fellowship. First Christian Church of Kittery Point welcomes your presence at this 'Installation of Inspiration' , and New Chapter within God's Greater Church.
Feel free to call with any questions at 207-439-4021, or email .
Warm Blessings!
bill bayliss
Elder/Trustee, First Christian Church of Kittery Point Maine

Friday, December 9, 2016

Please Join us as we welcome Messianic Rabbi, Stephen Luft !

Shalom Brethren!

 Some of us believers are blessed indeed by actually visiting The Holy Land. Some of us like our ministry's endeared Rev. Dr. Wilbert D. Gough, have had the opportunity to experience an exposure to the Jewish mind-set, which I'm confident is the mind-set of our Lord and Savior,
Jesus Christ ( Yeshua ha Mashiach ) !

Although late notice, we would like to welcome you to join us yet again at FIRST CHRISTIAN CHURCH of KITTERY POINT, Maine this Sunday, December 11th at 10:00 AM, when we will be Blessed by Messianic Rabbi Stephen Luft, of MAINE'S FIRST and ONLY  MESSIANIC SYNAGOGUE .... KEHILA HOUSE. Rabbi Stephen ( my graceful and guiding seminary lesson tutor and Brother ) has graciously agreed to present us with a Sunday Sermon that we fully believe will be pleasing to Our Father God, Adonai, as both  MESSIANIC ' believing Jew and Christian will be " Praying,Worshiping, and having Fellowship "Together" in HIS Holy Name ".

What a Rare Opportunity to Share Worship, to Edify one another in Christ, to His Glory!
WE PRAY YOU MIGHT JOIN US for This RARE BLESSING of Fellowship within the Body of Christ.
Feel free to peruse the Kehila House site link above. Additionally, and in technologically challenging for a knucklehead like me, the following is a YouTube link attempt to a video presented by Messianic Rabbi Schneider of " Discovering The Jewish Jesus Ministries ", whom I have followed since the inception of my continued Messianic and Jewish seminary studies.
I found this video to be a very good introduction into Scriptural Covenants, and God's intended interaction between Jew and Gentile as we TOGETHER, 'Grow the Remnant', as prophesied
to prepare One New Man to the satisfaction of God (Adonai), and  necessary for Our Saviors RETURN !
                                 GOD BLESS YOU, and HOPE to SEE YOU THERE !